July 21, 2018

Found the missing half of the Universe

11 October 2017, 08:50 | Dale Webster

GETTYThe breakthrough research confirms theories about the origin of the universe

GETTYThe breakthrough research confirms theories about the origin of the universe

However, most of this matter appeared to be missing which, again, kept puzzling scientists for a longer period of time.

However, the result doesn't account for all the visible matter that should be there, and about 90 percent of it seems to be missing.

It is reported that the universe is over than 95 percent consists of dark matter and dark energy.

Baryonic matter is made up mostly of typical particles, namely protons, electrons, and neutrons, and comprises only 4.6 percent of the universe.

This matter was presumed to occupy the space between galaxies, and was called baryonic matter. However, there is an abstruse problem of missing baryon particles.

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The new study confirmed that the missing ordinary matter can be discovered in the form of filaments of these diffuse gasses, which link the galaxies.

The teams looked at galaxies mapped in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey predicted to be connected by baryons.

The arguments of scientists based on the analysis of data obtained from the orbiting Planck Observatory, which is created to study the cosmic microwave background. As this light moves through hot gas, some of it scatters, leaving a patch in the CMB. Because the tendrils of gas between galaxies are so diffuse, the dim blotches they cause are far too slight to be seen directly on Planck's map.

Both teams, looking at over a million pairs of galaxies, found evidence of gas filaments in the space between galaxies. The other team was led by Anna de Graaff at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

"The missing baryon problem is solved", Tanimura told the magazine.

The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. "This goes a long way toward showing that many of our ideas of how galaxies form and how structures form over the history of the universe are pretty much correct", said Ralph Kraft, a professor at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in MA.

Dr. Ralph Kraft, an astrophysicist from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics at MA in US State, explained that, "Everybody sort of knows that it has to be there, but this is the first time that somebody - two different groups, no less - has come up with a definitive detection".

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