February 18, 2019

Published iPhone Source Code Is The 'Biggest Leak In History'

09 February 2018, 08:30 | Dale Webster

Apple throws take-down notice at GitHub to remove leaked iBoot code

iOS 11.3 will let iPhone users switch off Apple's performance throttling 'feature'

While the iOS 9 is not the iPhone's current software, that's the iOs 13, it's safe to assume that some bits of it are still the same.

The boot-up source code used on its older iOS 9 operating platform was posted on code-sharing website Github. That source code represents one of the iPhone's many secrets, something that Apple doesn't share with others.

The Cupertino giant may have not officially confirmed the alleged iOS source code leak but it has indirectly done so by sending a legal notice to GitHub, asking it to take the iBoot code down.

IT security consultant/hacker Hector Martin downplayed how much of a security risk the iBoot leak could pose for Apple and its customers.

"Apple does not use security through obscurity, so this does not contain anything risky, just an easier to read format for the boot loader code", Strafach told TechCrunch.

It is not known who has leaked the source code, but there is sure to be investigation at Apple HQ.

The leak of the code- called iBoot - was reported by news site Motherboard. "It is considered confidential and proprietary".

Apple has acknowledged that source code used in the software of iPhones and iPads has been leaked online, which security experts warn could present a major opportunity for hackers.

In 2004, for example, millions of lines of code were leaked for Microsoft's Windows NT and 2000 operating systems.

The access to iBoot's code may have several implications; it could allow researchers to find vulnerabilities in the systems more easily, but it might also open the door to less benevolent hackers willing to exploit the hole.

"If there's nothing wrong with the code, it doesn't matter that it's out there", he said. "Assuming it is genuine, it has come from the inside somewhere".

Apple confirmed in a statement that the source code had been posted online, but asserted it was three years old and that by design the security of their products aren't based on the secrecy of their source code.

"There are many layers of hardware and software protections built in to our products, and we always encourage customers to update to the newest software releases to benefit from the latest protections", Apple said in its statement.

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