January 23, 2019

Substitute teacher ran classroom 'fight club' at high school, CT police say

15 April 2018, 05:07 | Joann Bryant

Braden Fastier Harley Stokes 96 with current teacher Chris Phillips 26 of Hampden St School

Harley Stokes 96 with current teacher Chris Phillips 26 of Hampden St School

Fish, who was a substitute at Montville High in Montville, CT, allowed students to turn his classroom into a "fight club" of sorts, encouraging violent confrontations between students during class. "I just thought these kids were being rambunctious". He was sacked on October 10.

An arrest warrant says Fish watched and even encouraged the students.

Irvin who has a sibling that attends school says it's important for them keep attending classes and finishing the school year on time. Police said they have evidence - students' celllphone videos - of two. "And I know so many of them, of course, from being their teacher, so it's a very personal accomplishment for me and something that I feel very determined to do", Fletcher said. It is unclear whether any of the victims suffered serious physical injuries.

In many of these taped matches, one teen would be considerably smaller than the other, according to The Courant.

But court documents show a different story.

Montville police began investigating after an injured student told a social worker he had been beaten and robbed at school.

Hall says it's just one of several initiatives in the works to ensure student safety, including a concrete barrier around the high school walkway, and additional security measures at each entrance. The superintendent said the Lowell Regional Transit Authority notified his office this week that it would not be able to shift its load of extra buses to a half hour later in order to accommodate students.

Fish was sacked in October. One of the first videos was brought to the school's attention by a parent. Kentucky teachers rallied at the capitol Friday, closing schools in the state's largest district. It also showed an adult employee, identified as Fish, standing in the background.

In an online communication, Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall reported that the Warriors "can possibly be applied like something against an active shooter much like any thing while in the minute chamber", adding that they will remain locked from your classroom and also "will only become used/available in a hard lock down situation".

O'Connor inappropriately touched the girl while the regular teacher was out of the classroom, according to a police report.

"We start with a fertilized chicken egg and they track the progress for 21 days, and then at the end of the 21 days they have a baby chick", said Sonntag. The student said he didn't want to fight a "thirty year old man".

"I was nearly on the verge of tears yesterday really", said Ashtyn Henry, a Claremore parent. "This fight is not over just because the school bell rings once more and our members walk back into schools".

Knight reportedly told investigators, "I guess I finally let it get to me". She made a point of asking questions and got an explanation of why it happened (it was a procedural maneuver than would have allowed Gov. Mary Fallin to sign legislation that day, she said).

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