February 18, 2019

Deportation bus: Georgia GOP Gubernatorial candidate's controversial tour bus

16 May 2018, 03:04 | Devin Moran

This Georgia Candidate Wants to Round Up Undocumented Immigrants In a Deportation Bus

Georgia GOP Gov. Candidate Wants To Round Up Immigrants In 'Deportation Bus'

Williams' campaign also specifically calls out one of his Republican primary opponents, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, for "failed leadership" on "illegal immigration", which Williams claims is "a fierce subject" in the race for governor. "We don't have to wait for anything", Williams said on Breitbart News Saturday.

On the side of the bus, the words "pro-Trump" can be seen.

"We're not just gonna track 'em and watch 'em roam around our state", says Williams.

State Senator Michael Williams is taking a "Deportation Bus Tour" to the state's sanctuary cities - that is, places where the police won't cooperate with immigration officials - to "expose how risky illegal aliens ruin local economies, cost American jobs, increase healthcare costs and lower education standards".

"Through his bus tour of sanctuary cities, William will expose how risky illegal aliens ruin local economies, cost American jobs, increase healthcare costs and lower education standards", his campaign said in a statement, which went on to list his past position as the Georgia co-chair for President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

The tour consists of rounding up undocumented immigrants on a school bus labeled 'DANGER: murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molestors, and other criminals on board, ' and 'follow me to Mexico'. "We're going to put them on this bus and send them home", said Williams.

To those familiar with Williams, this disgusting campaign ploy shouldn't come as a huge surprise as he was his state's co-chair for President Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Michael Williams falls on the immigration issue.

"Williams champions implementing the federal 287 (g) deportation program in every Georgia county to deputize officers as ICE agents", the statement said. There's little disputing that, now that we've seen the Deportation Bus. "The Michael Williams 'Deportation Bus, '" he continued.

However, he is confident in his approach to immigration as he prides himself on his role in establishing the law that requires local authorities to notify immigration officials when they have an undocumented immigrant in their custody. "If you want a politically incorrect conservative, that's me". All you have to do is take a look at his bus that says, "Fill this bus with illegals vote Michael Williams!".

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