January 23, 2019

Senate to Vote on Repealing Changes to Net Neutrality Rules

16 May 2018, 11:25 | Cameron Gross

Senator Hassan speaks with Stonyfield employees about the negative impact that repealing net neutrality would have on rural businesses

Senator Hassan speaks with Stonyfield employees about the negative impact that repealing net neutrality would have on rural businesses

Without McCain, who remains at home in Arizona while undergoing treatment for brain cancer, the Senate's 49 Democrats can count on 50 votes thanks to the support of Sen.

Of course, after its passage, this Resolution of Disapproval heads to the House of Representatives.

The US Senate on Wednesday voted narrowly in favour of reinstating the Federal Communications Commission's net-neutrality rules. Or will they stick to the party and leave it to be decided by a tie-breaker vote nearly certain to go in their favor?

As of Tuesday, 50 senators have voiced their support for the net neutrality CRA, just one vote shy of reaching a simple majority. A recent poll showed that 86 percent of Americans do not approve of the FCC action to repeal net neutrality rules, including 82 percent of Republicans. Forty-seven senators - all Republicans - voted against it. Sen.

Earlier in the day, the measure overcame a procedural hurdle, portending its eventual outcome. Collins had previously said she supported the underlying measure.

Nevertheless, Democrats are planning to enjoy the rare opportunity to strut a bit by holding a press conference after the Senate finishes voting today at around 3 this afternoon, which a source close to Markey said would also serve to highlight House Democrats' ongoing efforts. In a tweet, Sen. "Will we stand with the American public, who understand why net neutrality is vital, or will we side with those who wish to control how we use the internet?" The Congressional Review Act resolution to restore net neutrality rules, which were reversed by the FCC previous year, will be brought to the Senate floor on Wednesday.

This issue doesn't cut along clean party lines, said Steven Kull, who runs the Program for Public Consultation at the University of Maryland and has studied public attitudes on net neutrality. While the name for the principle isn't that old, the basic idea predates the internet and has its roots in the telephone and telegraph networks and even older services.

The FCC's new regulation, effectively eliminating net neutrality as the internet's governing policy, has still not taken effect, providing Democrats this narrow opening.

The new rules approved by the FCC will restore the classification of broadband internet access service as an "information service", among other things. But unlike how utilities are treated, the FCC decided not to impose rate regulations or require broadband providers to file notice of pricing plans.

"But instead of moving forward with that approach with Republicans to draft such legislation, the Democratic leadership chose to try to score political points by pushing a resolution to undo the FCC's decision, even though undoing this decision will do nothing to provide a permanent solution on net neutrality", said Sen. "Our communities need expanded internet speeds, not the greater restrictions and additional payments that could happen as a result of repealing net neutrality". Given his disdain for government regulations, and the fact that Ajit Pai, the driving force behind the repeal, was appointed as FCC chairman by the current President, it seems like a long shot. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has said lawmakers in that chamber are focused on designing their own legislation to "permanently address this issue", casting doubt on whether the Senate resolution can advance.

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