January 20, 2019

Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar escape from German zoo

01 June 2018, 07:29 | Dale Webster

Lions in the animal enclosure in the Eifel Zoo in Luenebach

Lions tigers jaguar and bear escape from zoo after flooding from storms in Germany

The police on Friday caught several large animals, including lions, tigers, a jaguar after they escaped from a zoo in the Eifel mountain range in western Germany on Friday.

A bear which had broken free from its enclosure was however shot dead, a spokesman for local authorities said. Residents of the German town Lunebach were asked to keep all doors and windows closed as local police rounded up the roaming animals.

Officers in nearby Trier said all of the escaped animals were believed to still be on the grounds of the zoo in the town of Luenebach, near the border with Luxembourg and Belgium.

The animals are said to have escaped when when a storm hit the area and caused floods.

According to Sky News, it's unclear what circumstances lead to the bear's death.

It is reported that a river overflowed and wore down fences, allowing the unsafe animals a way out. A massive hunt is under way for the five big cats.

The zoo is home to around 400 animals, including a Siberian tiger and lions.

This June 2016 image shows lion Malor (behind) and the mother Lira in their enclosure in the Eifel Zoo, eastern Germany.

One of the lions was shot dead while the other was eventually brought back into captivity.

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