January 20, 2019

Reach out to those who may be struggling

14 June 2018, 11:19 | Randall Craig

Asking someone depressed to “snap out of it” is the equivalent of telling someone with a broken leg to continue walking

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The most recent deaths were fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef and New Jersey native Anthony Bourdain. The recent deaths of chef Anthony Bourdain and designer Kate Spade have shone a spotlight on suicide, but a new study from the Centers for Disease Control shows that rates have been rising for the last two decades - almost 30 percent since 1999. 49 states actually saw a rise in suicides, with Nevada being the only one with a decrease in deaths caused by suicide.

Zimmerman says that extra staff has been brought in to the Rutgers Health National Call Center in order to make sure there are enough people to take the phone lines. An estimated 9.3 million adults reported having suicidal thoughts in the previous year, roughly 3.9 percent of our nation's adult population. "There's still a lot more that needs to be done, but I think we're going in the right direction", he said.

The CDC says there was nearly a 10% increase of suicides in the four months following Robin Williams death by suicide. Ask someone if they need help.

Celebrity suicides take our breath away, in part because we conflate recognition and happiness.

After Marilyn Monroe died in August 1962, the cause listed as probable suicide, the nation mourned - publicly.

Guidelines for responsible reporting on suicides that could be less triggering, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, include avoiding sensationalistic headlines ("Kurt Cobain Used Shotgun to Commit Suicide"), leaving out photos of mourning relatives or tools of suicide, not printing the details of a suicide note, and avoiding words that describe the suicide in terms of a "successful" or "unsuccessful" attempt.

"I wish there would have been more help available for my son", she said. And also know that someone is always standing by, ready to help. It provides free and confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people in suicidal crisis or distress.

A charity has called for a dedicated service to help families struck by suicide.

Lundgren knew that once again, the center - one of more than 160 certified crisis centers across the US through which calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline are routed - would need to put backup counselors on standby to handle additional calls, as happened on Tuesday after Spade's suicide. In conclusion, they wrote, their findings "suggest 13 Reasons Why, in its present form, has both increased suicide awareness while unintentionally increasing suicidal ideation".

People in this age range have children, taking care of elderly parents, juggling work and home life. Depression has no boundaries; it's not limited to or defined by societal norms or constructs.

"This is the period where we are most likely to juggle the complications of aging family members or come face to face with the outcomes of financial risks you took that didn't pay off. I'm hoping that opens the public's eyes to see that anyone can be struggling and if you are it's OK to get help", Stevens continued.

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