March 19, 2019

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski rips NCAA for changing rules without consulting National Basketball Association

09 August 2018, 05:57 | Anna Jefferson

What the new NCAA rules mean for college basketball

What the new NCAA rules mean for college basketball

"These changes will promote integrity in the game, strengthen accountability and prioritize the interests of student-athletes over every other factor", NCAA leaders said in joint statement.

And, the rule change allows for players who declare for the NBA Draft that have eligibility still remaining at their respective programs to return back to their team if they're not selected.

The NCAA launched a commission and set of subcommittees to address the fallout from the FBI investigation into the college basketball industry, resulting in several policy shifts, including the assigning of responsibility to USA Basketball for something the organization had already told the NCAA it wanted no part: bearing responsibility for selecting elite senior high school prospects who will be allowed to sign with registered agents. However, the agents must be certified by the NCAA.

"Elite" high school prospects will be identified by USA Basketball.

According to the new rule, which would become effective if the NBA and its players association make an "expected rule change", those undrafted that participate in the NBA combine and request an Undergraduate Advisory Committee evaluation may return to school.

Most of the changes take effect beginning this school year. Coaches will only be allowed to attend one youth basketball event in early July.

If coaches and staff are making any money off an outside company - like an "apparel company" - they will have to report that to their schools, too.

University presidents and chancellors will be held "personally accountable" for any rule-breaking by their athletic departments.

Considering all the off the court drama that has occurred in the college hoops landscape over the past two years, these new rules do seem like steps in the right direction.

No schools were mentioned, but two Federal Bureau of Investigation reports, one in September and another in April, have identified recruiting practices that violate NCAA rules involving prospects who wound up at several schools, including Kansas.

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