February 19, 2019

Far Cry New Dawn leaked before Game Awards announcement

08 December 2018, 10:40 | Cameron Gross

Far Cry: New Dawn blasts into the post-apocalypse in February

'Far Cry New Dawn' turns Hope County into a nuclear wasteland next year

Called Far Cry New Dawn, this new cover appears to be a post-apocalyptic shooter taking place after the bad ending of Far Cry 5.

Every main numbered Far Cry has had a spin-off, so it's only right that the Far Cry 5 has a Blood Dragon / Primal too, I suppose.

The narrator in the New Dawn teaser talks about how flames and death "rolled through [their] valley", which sounds a lot like nuclear bombs. Join fellow survivors and lead the fight against the risky new threat the Highwaymen, and their ruthless leaders The Twins, as they seek to take over the last remaining resources. Here, you can upgrade your weapons and vehicles. Ubisoft announced that it will be released on 15 February 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It'll cost $40 in the U.S.; worldwide pricing has not yet been announced. It'll send us roaming the colourful wasteland of Hope County and beyond to thwart a viscous gang of raiders led by two sisters by doing the usual Far Cry explore-o-craft-a-shooting.

Nick and Kim Rye's grown up daughter, Carmina, knows nothing of the world that came before New Dawn.

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Given that we only got Far Cry 5 this February, the news of a standalone sequel comes as somewhat of a surprise.

You'll have a home base called prosperity that you'll need to rebuild. However, we've left her on the bench for now, instead opting for Nana.

Regardless, Specialists still mostly exist to fill the absence of a real-life co-op pal, which was the best way to play Far Cry 5. They have their own world and you get into that world. Ubisoft has made its desire to distance Far Cry: New Dawn from politics even further in an interview with us, despite the fact that nuclear war symbolises diplomatic failure in its most terrifying and extreme form.

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