February 16, 2019

Google to shut down its smart messaging app Allo after March 2019

08 December 2018, 10:59 | Cameron Gross

Enlarge Allo and Hangouts are going away but Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet are opening up to consumers

Allo and Hangouts are going away but Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet are opening up to consumers

Numerous new features using machine learning have been added to Google's Messages app. In order to download all the chat history, open the Allo app, head to Settings Chat and then select either Export messages from chats or Export stored media from chats. However, the sense here is that Google is carefully using the words that is letting it deny the coming demise of Hangouts, but Hangouts users will definitely find the app changed significantly by the end of the year. The reports stated that Google was planning to shut down both apps, though Allo was due to be shut down much sooner, with Hangouts not being shut down til sometime in 2020, according to the team's roadmap. Furthermore, a few days back Google announced that they are closing down Google Plus as well and rumors are surfacing that Google may also close down Hangouts for the public. Instead, Google will shift its focus to Android Messages, and bringing new features to the app, to make the SMS experience more efficient.

This improvement comes right around 8 months after Anil Sabharwal, Vice President of Chrome, Comms and Photos at Google, said that the organization was "pausing investment" in Google Allo. As Google announces in a blog post, Allo will be discontinued in March 2019. After several failed attempts, the company has gone ahead and published a blog post detailing its future plans in the messaging space, particularly with Messages, Duo, Allo, and Hangouts.

Duo, the video calling application, lives on as well and won't suffer the same fade as Allo. Why not integrate the best parts of Duo, Messages, Allo, and Hangouts into one app, and focus on business-style communication in another? With such a wide and comprehensive feature set, Hangouts leaves little room for Google's other messaging products. It now works with iPad, Android Tablet, Chromebook, and Smart Displays, and just received the ability to send a video message.

Google had originally hoped that the more "kooky" elements of Allo would make it appeal to millenials, leaving Hangouts to take on a more organisational role for communicating between colleagues.

The announcement also basically confirmed Hangouts will be split into Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

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