March 20, 2019

Amazon too is working on a game streaming service

13 January 2019, 07:13 | Cameron Gross

Report: Amazon is developing its own game streaming service

5c37a539aebf427a9f1b45dd Amazon Developing Cloud Gaming Service

Details are scant at the moment, but it's fair to assume the online retailer wants to create a Netflix-style on-demand platform for playing video games.

But evidently there's a rich future in this industry sector, as reports are pointing towards Amazon entering the game streaming business. However, the service is unlikely to be ready for launch until next year, Mashable reported. Sony was definitely ahead of the curve but the service offers older games that invariably have performance issues. The service could reportedly launch in 2020 at the earliest, though it's unclear if this is for a beta version of the platform or the full thing. For example, Prime members can stream music and video from Amazon. Its Fire TV box has a gaming edition that comes with a controller, and the set-top box plays specific games via the Amazon digital store.

"Amazon is not a gaming company". Though Amazon declined to comment, the project would further build on past efforts to support game developers. Far from the basic smartphone apps you can play on the Fire TV, Breakaway was meant to be a real-deal PC game that would attract the esports crowd. "There are only a few companies in the world with the resources to make a game streaming service real at a global scale", the statement said. On one hand it just cancelled its first project Breakaway back in April of past year, but on the other a move into the streaming side makes sense - the company certainly has the server capabilities and Amazon might want to stay neck-and-neck with the other big tech companies working on streaming. Speaking of AWS, as of April 2018 it had a 33 percent share of the cloud infrastructure market, according to Synergy Research Group. The game streaming service will take on Google and Microsoft's respective game streaming services. A streaming service would obviate the need for storage space, since everything is rendered remotely; all you'd need is a strong broadband connection and a modest amount of cache space.

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