March 20, 2019

Lexus LC Convertible Concept Headed To Detroit Auto Show

14 January 2019, 09:27 | Cameron Gross

Behold, the rather lovely Lexus LC Convertible

The Lexus LC Convertible Is Here To Fill Your Ears With N/A V8 Noise

Japanese luxury auto manufacturer Lexus will come to the Detroit Motor Show with a convertible concept based on its LC model.

Long, low and lean, the LC Convertible Concept retains the LC coupe's athletic proportions.

"This concept takes the unmistakable design of the LC coupe and reimagines it as a future convertible", said Tadao Mori, Chief Designer of the LC Convertible Concept. That appears to be Toyota and Lexus's thinking when it comes to next week's Detroit motor show.

The LC Convertible Concept may edge ahead of it, though. Otherwise it's a concept that looks like a sure thing so you can expect Lexus to put this into production soon.

Lexus hasn't revealed any technical details of the LC Convertible, though it's reasonable to assume that if it came to market it would utilise the same ten-speed gearbox and choice of 3.5-litre hybrid or 5.0-litre V8 powertrains.

We didn't get bored of the noise, which is why it seems like a great idea to turn the Lexus LC 500 coupe into a convertible and let it all into the cabin. For instance, there is black exterior trim and new 22 inch rims along with white leather and yellow contrast stitching. The vogue is very much for lightweight fabric electric tops, but Lexus has history with retractable hard tops (remember the SC of the early 2000s?) and a "retractable top housed under the rear deck lid" is how Lexus describes the roofing arrangements of its latest convertible.

Also in Detroit, Lexus will unveil the RC F Track Edition as a more hardcore version of its already sporty coupe.

More than just a grand tourer, the strong exterior lines of the LC Convertible concept reinforce its performance pedigree.

What we do know is that an open top LC would fit with the coupe version's overall personality.

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